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Used Cell Phones Can Save You 25-30% On Purchasing Costs

Nearly two-thirds of Americans owned a smartphone in 2015. That means that there was somewhere around 200 million smartphones in use during that period. That is a lot of cell phones.

But smartphones are expensive, sometimes incredibly so. Not everyone has the ability to purchase a brand new phone every time one comes out, and so has to resort to purchasing a used cell phone. These are generally cheaper but have the exact same features as a normal, new, phone.

Myths About Used Cell Phones

Used cell phones, like many used products, have a bad reputation about being broken or defective or any other myths you may have heard. And that’s the truth, they’re myths. No cell phone provider or store would sell a defective product to a customer.

In fact, many retailers and carriers will offer a 30-day money back guarantee with the purchase of new phones, so many of the pre-owned phones are not actually defective or broken, just unwanted and returned.

There are many myths surrounding used cell phones, the most prevalent being them being defective, and all of them portray the phones in a potentially bad light. The truth is, however, that these used phones actually have a lot of benefits.


Chief among these benefits is environmental. Buying used electronics cuts down on tech waste. New phones are produced at an alarming rate, and often have new models coming out just a year or two after the last one.

According to Forbes and the Environmental Literacy Council, the average lifespan for a smartphone is around 18 months. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) claims that somewhere around 90% of phones purchased will be thrown out without proper recycling, leaving only that remaining 10% to be recycled.

Another obvious benefit is the savings from getting a pre-owned phone versus a new one. They can save you a lot of money, anywhere from 25-30% when compared to a full-price unit. This allows you to get an upgrade out of your smartphone plan, and not pay large sums of money to do it.

So whether if you’re looking at getting a smartphone, or upgrading your existing one, consider getting a used smartphone. You could save yourself a lot of money, and benefit the environment, by doing so.