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Tips for Saving Money on Your Next Cell Phone Plan

If you’re in need of a new cell phone plan, your impulse may be to walk into the first phone store you see and buy the first plan you learn about. What you may not realize, however, is that some cell phone plans are much better than others. If you take the time to peruse your options, comparing and contrasting one against another, you could end up saving yourself a lot of money on your next plan. Here are some useful tips for finding a cost-effective cell phone plan: 

Match Your Plan to Your Data Usage

Before you go out in search of a new plan, ask yourself a simple question: How much data will you actually use? Keep in mind that most people only use about 3GB or less of data per month. If you use significantly more data than that, you may want to make the investment in unlimited data. If you don’t find yourself using that much data, however, buying a smaller plan makes more sense for you. 

Think about How Much You Stream Videos

How often will you be using your mobile device to watch videos? If you think that you’ll be doing it frequently, you may want to opt for a feature like Cricket’s Stream More, which allows you to rein in your data usage while you’re watching high-definition videos. Stream More automatically comes with many of Cricket’s plans, so be sure to ask the friendly staff at your local Cricket store how it works. 

Consider Where You’ll Be Staying

If you often travel internationally, you may end up with an expensive phone bill at the end of the month if you choose the wrong plan. A great solution is to opt for a plan like one of Cricket’s Unlimited plans, which let you send unlimited text messages—not counting photos and videos—to 38 countries around the world, including Brazil, China, South Korea, Germany, and Japan. 

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect cell phone plan, let Direct Cellular be your guide. Contact us today to find out about your options for a Cricket plan