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Spritz: What is it? Does it Work?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the amount of reading you have to do for work? Or maybe you don’t have a job that requires reading, but you just haven’t found the time to finish reading that novel on your shelf. Many students, educators, and people with literature-intensive careers have massive numbers of pages to read each day, and can struggle to get through them all in a reasonable time frame. Even people with jobs that don’t rely on reading sometimes have a long list of pleasure reading, but not enough free time to make a dent in it.

A tower of books.

Enter Spritz, a speed-reading app for smartphones and tablets that, when it is released, promises to more than triple typical reading speeds. It may sound overly ambitious, but the people at Spritz maintain that it is doable. And in fact, the principles that the app works on are based firmly on factual evidence.

As you read, your eyes move horizontally across the page from left to right, identifying a word and processing it before moving on to the next. Because the process happens so quickly, you aren’t conscious of each step, merely the end result: comprehension. But when the people at Spritz broke the process down, they discovered that you spend the majority of your reading time moving your eyes instead of receiving information. In fact, the ratio between the two is approximately four to one.

In the process of identifying a word, your eyes automatically focus on a single letter in that word, which the people at Spritz call the Optimal Recognition Point (ORP). Once the ORP is found, you identify the word and your brain accesses its meaning and context before moving on to the next. This process repeats until you reach punctuation, at which point your brain compiles all of the words it has identified since at least the last piece of punctuation and attempts to arrange them into a coherent idea or ideas.

The Spritz app physically rearranges your reading space, providing a relatively small window. The individual words from what you are reading appear in order, with each word’s ORP appearing in the exact same place as the last word’s. This eliminates the need for your eyes to move at all, which reduces the amount of time you spend on each word significantly. In addition, the ORP is highlighted, keeping your focus on it and accelerating your processing speed even more.

Without all of that time and energy spent moving between words and identifying each word’s ORP, you can read much faster. In fact, the developers of Spritz claim that it can double your normal reading speed in fewer than five minutes and quadruple it with enough practice. They also express the belief that by spending a few minutes a day with Spritz, your reading speed will increase even with traditional, paragraph-oriented type.

The founders of Spritz have said that they “honestly believe that Spritz will change the world.” Go to www.spritz.com and see for yourself what the technology can do!