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How To Save Money On Cell Phones

Owning a cell phone is essential in a world that values the digital landscape, but unfortunately, these all-too-necessary devices can often be quite expensive. Here are some ways you can save money on your cell phone and your phone bill.

Purchase used phones

Having the newest iPhone is great, but so is having enough money to buy food and gas. Unfortunately, the newer versions of high-tech phones are just far too expensive. Everyday working people shouldn’t have to shell out thousands of dollars to be a new phone owner. Luckily, used phones are nearly identical to these newer models. Aside from a few minor improvements and maybe some larger storage, used phones are perfectly fine for just about anyone. With used cell phones, you’ll save money and have a great working phone — what more could you want?

Get your friends and family on the same bundled plan

Nearly two-thirds of Americans owned a smartphone in 2015. That means you shouldn’t have a problem finding a few people who want to go in on a single bundled plan together. By doing this, you all can get a much more affordable rate and still have a great phone and plan. Make sure you’re bundling with friends and family members who are responsible and trustworthy, because if they don’t pay it could cause problems for everyone. But as long as you’re all careful and on top of your payments, you’ll all likely save money.

Find Cricket locations near you

Although buying a used phone is one thing, it can often be difficult to find a credible establishment where you can purchase high quality used phones. Luckily there are Cricket stores that can provide you with quality used phones and cell plans. Go in with a few of your friends or family members and check out some Cricket locations near your home.

Beware of your data usage

Be sure to not overuse your data because that’s a surefire way to increase your monthly phone bill. In the U.S., roughly 10% of people have smartphones but don’t have Internet at home. Find affordable and quality Internet connection so you don’t waste your data every time you’re home.

To find out more about saving money on your phones, check out your local Cricket Store today!!