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Essential iPhone Tips And Tricks Every User Should Know

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In 2015, nearly 190.5 million people owned smartphones in the United States. Undoubtedly, one of the most beloved cell phone options has to be the iPhone. Whether you’re a loyal Apple fan or you’re exploring your choices for cell phones in Tucson, there are likely a number of hidden iPhone features you aren’t taking full advantage of. Below, you’ll find a few of the most helpful iPhone tips and tricks you should become more familiar with.

  • Automatically back up your photos
  • Manual backups can be a real pain, which is why so many people simply forget to do them. And unfortunately, glitches do happen, which is why you should have a backup fail-safe. More than likely, if you lose everything you’ve stored on your iPhone, you’ll be most upset about the photos. Rather than relying on a manual backup system, set up your iPhone to perform an automatic online backup to the cloud, an app, or other platform so you can always access your snaps when you need them. Don’t forgo manual backups completely; just add one of these options on top.

  • Turn off data usage for certain apps
  • Do you hate getting those annoying data overage messages from your cell phone provider? Even if you have one of the best cell phones in Tucson, they’re never really a welcome text to receive. But sometimes, you may not even know why you’re going over your allotted data for the month. If you’ve been roaming and using apps that eat up a chunk of data, you may end up paying a hefty price. There is a way to prevent this, though. Go into your iPhone’s Settings app, tap the “Cellular” tab, and scroll down through the “Use Cellular Data For” list. By default, all of these apps will probably have their cellular data turned on, but you probably won’t need to use your data for many of them. If you’re getting close to your data allotment for the month, just turn all of their permissions off. Otherwise, pick and choose which apps require internet access on-the-go and switch off the ones you don’t use often.

  • Save your battery
  • At some point, you may find yourself with very limited access to a charger and a quickly diminishing battery. If you’re running low with no way to recharge, there are a few steps you can take to preserve what you have. First, turn off the auto-brightness and adjust your screen to the lowest possible brightness you can stand (you can find this option in the Settings app, where you can tap Display and Brightness). You should also turn off your Location Services (found under the Privacy tab in your Settings app) unless you need to have navigation access. Turn off Bluetooth, WiFi, and your vibration settings, too. You may also want to turn off your Background App Refresh (found under the General section in Settings) and the Fetch New Data option under your mail account. Finally, switch on the Low Power Mode option in the Battery section of the Settings app. This can make the difference between a dead iPhone and one that will last you until you can find a charger.

    If you’re looking for cell phones in Tucson, the iPhone is often the top option for many consumers. But you’ll get much more out of your smartphone if you’re able to use it… well, smartly! For the sake of your battery and your monthly bill, don’t be afraid to deviate from your iPhone’s default settings.