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Kolb & Speedway

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If your phone is broken, don’t hesitate to stop in.

Are you looking for a new cell phone? Cricket of Tucson offers nationwide coverage, no contracts and no activation fees. We offer an assortment of new and used phones that are sure to handle your particular needs. We have basic plans starting as low as $35 per month and a variety of plans if you need a greater amount of minutes.

Contact Us @ (520) 885-1000

Also feel free to visit our store, which is accessibly located on the corner of Speedway and Kolb. Test out an array of phones before making a purchase to ensure it is the best decision for you. New, used, smart, music, or repair, Cricket of Tucson is sure to have a phone for you.

To see if you qualify for financing, call a local store to see if you qualify.

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