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5 Must-Have Music Apps for iPhone and Android

Most of us are familiar with the big players in the smartphone music app game—Pandora, iTunes radio, Spotify—but these are only the tip of the mobile music iceberg. While these apps are great for streaming music, they lack little to no additional functionality. For that reason, we’ve found five of the best music related apps to supplement your library or streaming service of choice.

1) Songkick

Songkick is for the concertgoer in all of us. It can be frustrating following each of your favorite bands individually, getting email updates every time they’re doing a show regardless of whether it’s in your city, or even your time zone. With songkick, not only do you receive the added benefit of cleaning up your inbox, but the app does all of the concert hunting work for you. Songkick syncs with your personal library or Spotify account, and tracks your music preferences to provide you with personalized alerts about concerts near you. As a matter of fact, I just bought tickets (and cheap tickets at that!) to a performance by a new favorite band of mine that I otherwise would not have known about. Songkick is both fiscally sane and hassle free, so this is a must have for anyone who enjoys a good concert every now and then.

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2) Stezza

Stezza is an app any responsible driver/DJ should have in their arsenal. Most of us are guilty of spending a bit too long looking down at our phone or mp3 player in the car, trying to change the song because we can’t seem to hit the play or skip button just right. If you’re reading this, you’ve been lucky enough to have avoided any accidents as a result of the poorly sized play icons (read: your fat fingers). In all seriousness, however, DJing while driving can be a serious safety issue, which is why we recommend Stezza. For only $0.99 you can pause, play, and skip at ease with icons your grandparents would appreciate. (Not to mention you can customize the background color to match your ride.)

3) Listen

For those of you who prefer your bike to a car (or, because you don’t have one), Listen may be the app for you. With this app, you don’t even have to look at the screen to play, pause, or skip. The entire app is gesture-based, meaning you swipe left or right to skip, swipe up to add a song to your favorites list, down to access your library, and a simple tap to pause/play. You can even share music on your favorite social media sites by dragging the center button to the upper right corner. And, this one is free so you can put the money you save toward that hybrid you’ve been eyeing.

4) Djay 2

Djay 2 is for the DJ on the go (or the one that would rather not haul their equipment to every party their friends ask them to be the DJ). I’m not going to pretend to understand the lingo here, but this app has been entirely redesigned and is apparently pretty great. Now, users can switch to waveform view, which pretty much any professional DJ prefers, in order to make song-matching easier. Plus, for $1.99 we can all pretend to be professional DJs (and impress that cute girl at the party).

5) CanOpener

CanOpener is for the slightly more sophisticated audiophile. If you’re satisfied with the quality of sound coming out of your iPhone earbuds, this app, at $4.99, probably isn’t for you. However, any respectable sound expert will tell you that what you are hearing is an abomination. That’s where CanOpener comes in. The app gives listeners increased control over the crossfeed, equalizer, and dosimeter settings on your music device. Also, by selecting the type of headphones you’re using and a specific preset based on the current song or type of songs you’re listening to, you can increase the depth, pull up the highs, or bring out the bass. (Now that’s music to a sound snob’s ears.)

Whether you’re a recreational music listener, or are looking for something to up your mobile music game, there’s an app for that.