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Apps For All Generations [Infographic]

Infographic showcasing smartphone apps for each generation.

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Teenagers and young adults aren’t the only ones that are using smartphones anymore. With all types of electronics becoming more and more mainstream, a wide variety of people now own a smartphone. In fact, with the prominence of family-oriented phone plans, there are frequently entire families that have the exact same smartphone.

Not every member of the family wants to use their smartphone for the same thing, however; each generation has different needs and interests. App makers have noticed this, and are making a wide variety of apps to cater to multiple generations of users.

For older generations, there are organizational apps that let them manage their schedule, check multiple blogs or news sources in one place, and even balance finances, all with a single touch. College and high school students have shopping apps for practically everything, including buying or selling used and discount textbooks, as well as apps that allow them to create and view popular internet memes. And for younger children, there are apps that simulate things such as pianos and sketchbooks.

Smartphone apps: fun for the whole family.