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4 Things to Avoid That Can Kill Your Cell Phone Battery

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Cell phones are getting tougher and tougher. With Apple now on its ninth generation for iPhones since their inception in 2007, the days of the easy shatter screens and accidental water damage are fast becoming things of the past. With all that progress it can be difficult to remember that these high tech gadgets are still very sensitive pieces of technology.

In fact, despite the huge strides that have been made towards making our phones more durable, they are still prone to damage. That is especially true for phone batteries.

As any phone owner knows, it can be hard to stop in the middle of the day to find a place to charge your phone up. Fortunately, by avoiding several practices, you can vastly improve the longevity of your battery.

  1. Avoid Charging with Damged Cords
  2. Easily damaged and constantly misplaced, the cord you use to charge your phone can seem like an afterthought. If these cords are damaged, however, you risk causing real damage to your battery as well. That is because a damaged cord can put a negative charge on your phone, which can have a dire effect on your battery.

  3. Avoid Keeping Your Phone On All The Time
  4. Turning off your cell phone from time to time has been advocated by many people, likely including your mother. But it actually has a tangible effect on the lifespan of your battery as well. The time off give your phone the time to recover.

  5. Avoid Extreme Temperatures
  6. Just like everything else, your cell phone has an optimal temperature range. Anything too hot or too cold can have an effect on your phone’s battery. Hot temperatures are especially can cause very permanent damage to your batteries capacity.

  7. Not Updating the Software
  8. While software can take up a great deal of space on your phone, it can make all the difference for your battery life. That is because these updates can fix subtle efficiency problems that you might not have noticed yet. This optimization means that you aren’t constant draining your battery life.

    There is no doubt that cell phones are more durable than ever before. By avoiding the above situations, you can prolong their life even further.

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